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Ty (The Georgia Peach) Cobb

The painting of Mr. Cobb was done by Dick Perez, one of America's foremost artists of famous baseball players. Contact Mr. Perez -

Cobb was the first player elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY in 1936 with 222 of 226 votes.Babe Ruth finished 2nd.

“He was a cross between a tidal wave, cyclone and earthquake-fire, wind and water. Then out of the air comes the glitter of steel, plus ten tons of dynamite hitched to a spark.” Grantland Rice

A famous iconic photo of Cobb sliding into thirdbase. This photo, one of baseball's most famous, hangs in the Hall of Fame.

Cobb was an outstanding outfielder.

Cobb with his famous hands apart batting grip.

Cobb won this luxorious Chalmers "30" car valued at $2.700 for winning the batting championship in 1911 with a 420 average.

Cobb led the Tigers to pennants in 1907 - 08 -09.

Ty Cobb was not a racist. Pictured here with Don Newcombe, Brooklyn Dodgers. Don Newcombe was the Dodgers starting pitcher for the first game of the 1949 World Series, shakes hands with Hall of Famer Ty Cobb. With Cobb is nine year old Bruce Howard, a recovering polio victim who threw out the game's first pitch. The Dodgers lost the game 1-0.

The 1918 season was shortened due to the war. Cobb hit 384 winning his 11th batting title. He joined the Chemical Warfare Service of the U. S. Army and was commissioned a Captain.

Cobb & Walter Johnson, one of the most feared pitchers in the league. Cobb had 120 hits in 328 AB's for an average of 366. Cobb's lifetime average was 367.

Cobb and Honus Wagner at the 1909 World Series won by the Pittsburg Pirates

RUTH & COBB Bitter enemies during their playing days, they became good friends after they retired. They fished, hunted and enjoyed playing golf.

Cobb in traditional pose with 3 bats on his shoulder.

Unlike todays players, Cobb never charged a fan to sign an autograph.

Portrait taken in 1913

Cobb was one of the first players to endorse corporate products. From oranges, Louisville Slugger bats, Coca-Colo, clothing and many more.

He was known for his agresssive style of play; sliding in, spikes high.

Ty Cobb trading card - 1909

Ty Cobb & Peanuts - Charles Schultz

Cobb was an excellent golfer. He used the most expensive handmade clubs & golfed with the great Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Cobb ended his career with the Philadelphia Athletics managed by his good friend, Cornelius McGillicuddy (Connie) Mack - 1927-28. He batted 323 in his final year.

Cobb has a band named after him

TY COBB played for the DETROIT TIGERS from 1905to 1926 and is regarded as one of the greatest athletes to ever play on a baseball diamond.

Cobb's base-s stealing record (892) lasted over 50 years. He broke 25 records in all, some still standing.

He led the league in batting 12 times and his lifetime average of 367 is still the best. He had 4191 hits,a record that was broken by PETE ROSE with 4256. His record of 54 steals of home without ever being gthrown out still remains on the books.

On February 2, 1936, he was chosen as the first played to be elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. BABE RUTH finished second.

It was his blazing hot intensity that set Cobb apart from all the others. He was known for his spiking of other players, his fights with teammates, fans and his petty jeallousies. He was volatile but unparalleded as a player for 24 years. He fiercely battled anyone who stood in his path. He was also hypersensitive, intelligent and determined to be the best ballplayer of his day and he acheived his dream. Cobb was a complex and misunderstood man

In my one-man show, I portray sides of him generally not known. A man who quietly took care of down and out older ballplayers, founded the COBB MEMORIAL HOSPITAL in ROYSTON, GA and an educational foundation that provides scholorships for GEORGIA students who qualify regardless of race.

A theater critic said of the show, "What Hal Holbrook was to Mark Twain, Coleman is to Cobb."

The show takes place in Cobb's hotel in ATLANTA, GA on the evening of July 17, 1961. He is reminising his life with a sports reporter. He will die at shows end. He talks about growing up in GEORGIA, his playing days with the TIGERS, post baseball career and his friendships with many presidents he knew. He spins anecdotes of friends like RUTH, DIMAGGIO, WILLIAMS & SHOELESS JOE JACKSON.

Norm Coleman has performed Ty Cobb over 150 times since 2008.

The show has 8 scenes with over 20 pieces of music opening with DIXIE and TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME.
The audience is encouraged to participate when Cobb lobs a few questions to them. The show last approx 75 minutes and concludes with a beautiful rendition of AMAZING GRACE. The audience sings along. Following the show is a Q & A with the audience asking Cobb (or me) questions. A fun way to end the show.

BIO: Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman was born in Brooklyn, NY near Ebbets Field and has been and still is a Dodger fan. Norm was a professional photographer for thirty years with a portrait studio in San Mateo, California just south of San Francisco. His specialty was weddings, portraits and commercial photography.

Norm took to acting five years (Feb 2006) ago and created his one-man show:

TY COBB – “The greatest player that ever played the game”
Coleman has performed in LAKELAND,FL - courtesy of the Detroit Tigers, the Ty Cobb Museum in ROYSTON, GA - President Gerald R. Ford Museum in GRAND RAPIDS, MI, the SABR 40th annual Baseball Convention in ATLANTA, GA, the Aiken County Historical Museum in AIKEN, SC, the Mississippi Sports Hall of fame in JACKSON, MS as well as theaters in SAN FRANCISCO, CA.

He has photographed many athletes: Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Joe DiMaggio, George Brett, Johnny Bench, Dusty Baker and Barry Bonds.

Norm is proud of photographing President Ronald Reagan and Oscar winners
Charlize Theron (Monster) and Julie Christie (Dr. Zhivago).

He resides in Half Moon Bay, Ca and has a son, Mark who is a fireman. To learn more about his show:

To contact Mr. Coleman -